Thursday, March 19, 2009

Increase Coolant Life by 400 %

Generally, the smell of the Machine Cutting coolant oil becomes offensive long before the coolant becomes ineffective and useless. Shops are wasting money by dumping the coolant simply because of the bad odor. Odor and shortened coolant life also tends to be more problematic with plants or shops in warmer and more humid climatic conditions. Many companies will also attempt to control the coolant odor by increasing the concentration. This will increase the product cost.

So just follow the simple Steps to increase the Machine Cutting Coolant life by 400%:

Circulate air inside the coolant within the tank when the coolant is not used or when the machine is switched off. We can circulate air (at reduced pressure or nil pressure) by a small tube which is connected to a fish tank air pump to generate and pump fresh air inside the coolant. Other cheap and best alternative way is to fix a dual output fish tank air pump inside the coolant tank. This will increase the coolant life by 400%.